Grafiteras means Graffiti Women.


''Grafiteras'' have a complex story that speaks volumes of the strength and love that is needed to inspire and move society. It has become the path of self determination for women artists who hold the roles of mothers, daughters, sisters, and aspiring professional storytellers.


This Grafitera DESIGN WAS A hANDstyle dime created for a show she had with toofly in August of 2017. highlighting their role as Graffiti Women and ''latina Americanas'' was very important and a powerful initiation to the complexity of what it's like to grow in America and how Raza and many other Cultures find a way to stand up, rise, and shine through it all. 


''gRAFITERAS'' HAS GROWN INTO A POWERFUL Inter-generational MOVEMENT OF SISTERHOOD that takes pride in being women, highlighting culture, and being and painting graffiti.