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Leslie Lopez, affectionately known as "DIME", is an visual artist, born and raised in Oakland CA, she's well known for her funky graffiti letters, unique hand styles and culture work. She has a passion for painting in the streets with community, and creating beautiful, yet powerful, public art in the barrio.


Dime comes from a humble, hardworking family whose parents migrated from Sinaloa and Michoacan, Mexico. She was introduced to murals and graffiti at a young age and her work is heavily influenced by her upbringings as a first gen Chicana, her Mexican culture, and her life experiences as a brown girl growing up in East Oakland.


From the barrios and the ghettos to personal collections, and galleries, Dime's colorful work bridges the Graffiti and Fine art worlds. She has exhibited her work internationally --in museums, apparel, publications and fashion. Many of her collaborations are painted with children, youth, and elders, and are seen in walls in the BayArea and beyond.


While staying true to Graffiti -her first love, she is dedicated to bring her style-writting to any surface centering joy, love and the fight for social justice.

Dime, is a founding member of Few and Far Women. A member of BSK Bomb Squad Kingz and part of the collective core of EastSide Arts Alliance- where she developed her commitment and love for serving the people.

She has worked collaboratively with artist and communities from all over the globe using all different mediums- including og print-makers and artist like Emory Douglas, Juan Fuentes, Malaquias Montoya, Rupert Garcia, Jesús Barraza, and Xochitl Nevel Guerrero.

Dime, is a natural storyteller, that has a passion for using art to heal, and uplift, underserved communities of color! When shes not making art you can catch her in a Classic, 1973 Chevy Convertible ,alongside her husband, and 2 kids supporting community events, car shows, and giving back to the block! 

Photo by CrisinaIsabelRivera

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